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History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics

26 songs, 47 years, No Lyrics

I’m a brand new fan of

And a bonus…

No Steinways were harmed in the filming of this.

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Jingle… All the Way

Here’s a great rendition of variations on the theme of Jingle Bells by the awesome Lola Astanova.

I am, all at once, inspired to practice more piano and inspired to set my piano on fire. Maybe I can practice playing on a flaming piano.

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The Next Mozart?

I’ve seen a lot of incredibly talented young musicians in my life, but this 6-year-old girl has something really special. Keep an eye out for her.

Thanks for the link, Kevin!

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World’s Largest Piano


From Make:

Adrian Mann has built what’s being called the world’s largest piano, measuring in at over 18.5 feet long! He began work on the project at the age of 16 and continued construction in a local barn over the next four years. It seems all his hard work was worth it considering the instruments commanding voice.

Man, I wasted my youth. :)  Nice find, Irwin!

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